Rear Disc Brake Conversions. Brake Accessories Wheel Accessories. Did you know that TeraFlex also offers rear disc brake conversions for older Jeep models including Dana, Chrysler, and Ford rear axles? These kits are designed to increase stopping power over the stock braking system.

A must when you begin adding larger wheels and tires as well as other off-road gear and accessories. Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits. This bolt-on kit features an internal drum parking brake for outstanding holding power compared to other disc brake conversion kits.

FITS : Ford 8. Brake Accessories. All brake lines are longer than stock to work with our lift kits. Stainless brake lines are made to MVSS specifications. Includes mounting hardware. Emergency Brake Cables. Sold individually — requires two for a rear axle. Use the E-Brake Cable Chart to select the e-brake cable for your specific application. Wheel Accessories.

These TeraFlex 1. Made from T6 aluminum. Spline Drive Lug Nut Kit. Spline Drive Lug Nuts maximize thread engagement, increase wheel security, and improve appearance. Works with aftermarket wheels requiring a smaller outside diameter lug nut. It's that easy! The safety and health of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have proactive work and travel limits in place that may affect order placement, assembly, or shipments. Log in to join the conversation Comments No comments for this article.Editor's Note: Some modifications never become outdated, especially those that are simple bolt-on improvements that can be done with junkyard parts.

We still get questions about swaps and conversions we did it over five years ago. This is one of them. And it's the first installment of our new Timeless Tech series.

1982 jeep cj7 rear disc brake conversion

Early Jeeps with closed-knuckle Dana 25, 27, and 44 front axles are not known for speedy deceleration. In fact, stopping in a hurry with the 9-inch drums can cause a religious experience-or at least the utterance of a few sacred words used in vain.

1982 jeep cj7 rear disc brake conversion

So what is to be done? You could find a narrow-track Dana 30 complete with disc brakes from a later CJ, but that can become quite expensive if the axle needs to be refurbished before installation. So why not put some discs on your early axles using common easy-to-get parts?

Here's how it works. You can either hit a junkyard to get all this stuff, or you can save yourself the headache and get all-new stuff at the parts store.

That's right-down to the spindle. Now that you have the hub and drum off, you should find someone who can press the old wheel studs out or you can bang them out with a hammer. If you don't put the rotor behind the hub, your brakes won't line up with the calipers. You will need to replace the 12 six per side original fine-thread backing plate bolts with ones that are 1-inch long. You could also step up to some studs at this point.

With the caliper mounting bracket on the spindle, you can get an idea of how much grinding will be necessary to fit the caliper. Remember that as the pads wear out, the caliper will move inward because of its floating design.

If you don't grind enough, your caliper may hit the knuckle and render your brakes useless. We ground the fill plug for clearance, although you could just replace the plug with a flush-mount one. Now you can start grinding the knuckle between the two bolts that are farthest to the back of the knuckle.

You don't have to remove a ton of material, but make sure you have good clearance by periodically replacing the caliper mounting bracket and caliper for test fitting. Now would be a good time to replace those worn-out bearings and seals. Remember to pack the bearings and grease everything.

We used the metering block from the new Pro Comp rear brake line to split the front hard lines to both sides. Bleed the brakes, and you're on your way. Make sure to check the caliper clearance as the pads wear. Stopping is as easy as "holy son of a? Now that the Willys has disc brakes, it stops so rapidly that the rear tires in the air cause more expletives to be uttered, and despite our hopes of redemption, all hope is lost.

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Dec 9, Joined: Dec 9, Messages: 2. Hi, I just found this forum. I owned a CJ-5, which I believed to be made originally.

Has anybody ever do a rear brake conversion to discbrakes? Of course with the emergency brake system as well.

1982 jeep cj7 rear disc brake conversion

Appreciate all information shared. Regards, Ron. RonDec 9, Joined: Sep 20, Messages: 9, Ron, Welcome from snowy Nebraska this morning! Chuck P. Perhaps it will help. Really appreciate your advise spark. I've surfed to the site you suggested and it explains conversion for Dana 41 Rear and Dana 21 Front. I've convert the front using CJ7 stock disc brakes.

For the rear conversion actually I can use the same stock materials from CJ7, however, the trouble is on the emergency brake system. I need the emergency brake mainly to handle steep downhills. I currently also doing a restoration project on my CJ3A. I will keep the project posted. Maybe you have another bright idea?Log in or Sign up.

Registration trouble? Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right corner of the page and your issue will be resolved. Oct 9, Joined: Aug 18, Messages: 6, Please read the whole thread It's been updated as others have encountered various issues. The information presented here was acquired from various EarlyCJ5 threads and a simple article from fourwheeler. I had to ask a lot of questions…Thanks to those who assisted me.

If you gather all the parts in advance you should be able to swap your brakes over the weekend.

Rear Disk Brake Conversion Kit

I spent a bit of time looking for the best bargains. I did a mixture of local parts houses, Amazon, RockAuto and the junk yard. I suppose the advantage to having the local shops order for you is possible overnight free shipping. I think the biggest factor in the new brakes feeling great and worth the swap was "wearing" in the new pads.

I bought the cheapest pads and maybe that was a contributing factor to the initial poor performance? Drive the Jeep a mile or two with your foot on the brakes a little thanks jpflat2a. I completely forgot about this and was disappointed at first. The more I drive the Jeep the better the brakes function. Take your time bleeding the brake system and adjusting the rear drums. I also upgraded the rear drums to 11" at the same time and that made it hard to tell if the disc conversion was worth it.

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Plz help What do you use to mount a flag to your jeep? Info on Liberty lift T to T upgrade Putting the transmission dipstick tube in 95 grand cherokee Happy Holidays Help - CJ 4 cylinder transmission issue steering issue. Reader Rides. I've seen the kits but I am unsure which one I will need.

Since I have SSBC up front disc brakes I am leading towards that kit, I am also going to put in a new power brake and master cylinder as well. Any constructive advice is more than welcome, or has anyone done this before?

Front disk brake conversion on a 1963 Willys jeep Gladiator on a budget

I'm well aware that some creative mods will be needed to do the install. Thanks everyone in advance So yes. But I might just cut out the floorboard and go Fred Flinstone on it! What I'd do for a couple of wide d44s, d It doesn't matter anyway because after more research and talking to my fellow AZ jeepers the hassle isn't worth it.

Installing next week.

Early Jeep Disk Brake Conversion - Timeless Tech Drum to Disc

Let us know if that does the trick Forum related. Replies: 0 Last Post:PM. Dana 44 rear disc brake conversion???? Replies: 3 Last Post:PM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM.Can also be used on older Jeep CJ's with modifications.

Upgrade to 9" Booster:. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. This setup is unique as it is a dual diaphragm brake booster and a high performance master cylinder with optional bore diameters for various applications such as disc brakes front and rear or aftermarket axles under a Jeep with larger brakes or for upgrading to power brakes.

If not familiar with a dual diaphragm setup, a dual diaphragm setup can create more stopping power with less pedal pressure. All these Jeeps came with a single diaphragm brake booster with the exception of some YJs.

It is known that on the to CJs it was such a rare option to even have power brakes and without the factory brackets, which were notorious for many problems, there is no way of converting over. This enables you to have a direct bolt-on setup with more modern day stopping power with your Jeep. Even if your vehicle came equipped with power brakes, this upgrade can provide significantly more stopping power. There are a few other kits on the market similar to ours some good, some not so goodbut not as high quality.

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The bracket, booster, and master cylinder lid are all zinc plated, and you also have a lot of adjustability with this kit. The push rod is adjustable unlike the factory nonadjustable so you can actually adjust pedal height. Upgrade will not work with vehicle equipped with ABS brakes. If using rear disc brakes, we highly recommend eliminating the proportioning valve or installing a manual adjustable one such as PVC-B. NOTE: Engine vacuum needs to be a minimum of 18 inches of vacuum at idle when engine is warm for power brake setup to function properly.

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